You can became a kiteboarder in 3 days.

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Kiteboarding is a sport that now can be learned in a very easy and safe way. With professional instruction , new equipments and one of the best beginner spots in the world as Neretva kiteboarder you can became a kiteboarder in 3 days.

Kiteboarding community & school

We began the Neretva Project in 2011, the same year we opened up in Playa Neretva the first license Kite center of Neretva river in Croatia.

A year later we started with the first Kite School in this region of Croatia.

Kite Lessons

The certification standards have been designed to validate your levels from your first body drag to your first jump, to allow instructors to know exactly what you have learnt and from what point to take up your training, to allow kiteboarding centers to know exactly what kind of equipment you are capable of renting.

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