Kite School Neretva

The best place to learn kitesurf in the Croatia ! Flat, shallow water, professional instruction, special gear designed to learn/teach, 14 years of experience. Learn 3 times faster in a safe environment ...

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Reserve your kiteboarding course by paying 49.99 EUR. (in a secure server) for each student...

Gear Rentals

Gear Rental

Surf , Bodyboards, Skimboard, Stand-Up-Paddle , Snorkeling, Beachtoys. travel bags, backpacks, sandals, beach wear, many boardshorts, t-shirts, and more...

Kiteboarding community & school

We began the Neretva Project in 2011.

A year later we started with the first Kite School in this region of Croatia.

Interesting facts on #neretva #kitesurfing

The Neretva area is a paradise for kitesurfing.

Thanks to the winds of this area – maestral and tramuntana Neretva and delta is a perfect location.

We are a perfect location, in Croatia as well as in Europe.

If not willing to take part in it, at least the spectacle in the sky itself is worth seeing.

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